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What To See at Urvanity Art 2019?

  • Urvanity Venue, LASEDE COAM
February 27, 2019
A philosophy graduate interested in critical theory, politics and art. Alias of Jelena Martinović.

It’s only one day left until Urvanity, the first Spanish Fair dedicated to New Contemporary Art, opens its doors to visitors in LASEDE COAM venue in Madrid. Coming back for its third strong edition, Urvanity 2019 will bring the best New Contemporary Art has to offer, acting as a meeting point for collectors, artists and art enthusiasts.

This year, the fair brings together 24 local and international galleries, both returning and first-participants, coming from Spain, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Venezuela, Mexico, China and Russia. The fair will also present solo shows, live mural paintings, site-specific installations, a talks program…

While we await the opening of the show, we bring you a selection of Urvanity Art 2019 booths that are not to be missed!

Featured image: Urvanity Venue, LASEDE COAM. All images courtesy of Urvanity and their respected galleries.

  • Bisco Smith - Journey NAVIGATIONS, 2018. Urban Spree

Urban Spree

An independent contemporary urban art space in the heart of Berlin, Urban Spree has developed a large urban grassroots ecosystem, offering its invited artists an ideal space for experimentation through ambitious on-site residencies. The institution promotes urban cultures through exhibitions, artist residencies, DIY workshops, concerts, an art store and a large Biergarten.

For this edition of Urvanity, the gallery will bring the works by Victor Ash, Marion Jdanoff, Bisco Smith, Anthony Lister, Sicoer, 1UP Crew/Martha Cooper, Hendrik Czakainski, Cpt_Olf, Lars Wunderlich, EVOL and Slicks.

Featured image: Bisco Smith – Journey NAVIGATIONS, 2018. Courtesy of Urban Spree.

  • Víctor Castillo - No pasaran, 2018. Adda Taxie

Adda and Taxie

A joined venture of Anna Dimitrova and Valériane Mondot, ADDA & TAXIE contributes greatly to the renewal, pertinence and internationalism of the Parisian art scene. The main focus of the gallery is on Street Art Art and Graffiti, but it also welcomes photography, Pop Surrealism and comics.

This year, the gallery will feature works by AEC Interesni KazkiVictor Castillo and Seleka Muñoz.

Featured image: Víctor Castillo – No pasaran, 2018. Courtesy of Adda Taxie.

  • Smithe, 2018. Balenario

Galeria Balneario

A cultural diffusion platform, Galeria Balneario is dedicated to supporting contemporary art in Mexico and the world, as well as democratizing art in all its disciplines. The gallery also supports social work and private projects, manages artistic residencies, festivals and buys and sells artwork.

The gallery will showcase the work by Ever, Poni, Seher and Smithe.

Featured image: Smithe, 2018. Courtesy of Galeria Balenario.

  • Sten Lex - Screen, stencil poster, 2018. Doppelgaenger


Founded in 2012 in Bari, Italy, Doppelgaenger is a unique exhibition space pursuing two lines of artistic inquiry. The gallery focuses on both the more contemporary studies in figurative art and experimental works, such as video art, performance and installations.

First time at Urvanity, the gallery will feature a solo show by Sam3, as well as works by Moneyless and Sten Lex.

Featured image: Sten Lex – Screen, stencil poster, 2018. Courtesy of Doppelgaenger.

  • Paco Pomet - Twins, 2019. My Name's Lolita Art

My Name’s Lolita Art

A local gallery with spaces in Valencia and Madrid, My Name’s Lolita Art focuses on the promotion of young Spanish and European artists linked to contemporary art in all its disciplines. The gallery is always on the lookout for new artistic expressions.

The gallery is bringing the work of three talented artists – Juan CuéllarJoël Mestre and Paco Pomet.

Featured image: Paco Pomet – Twins, 2019. Courtesy of My Name’s Lolita Art.