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Urvanity Art 2020 Returns To Madrid - Here Are The Exhibitors!

  • Urvanity 2019
  • Urvanity 2019
  • Urvanity 2019
  • Urvanity 2019
  • Urvanity 2019
  • Urvanity 2019
January 30, 2020
A philosophy graduate interested in critical theory, politics and art. Alias of Jelena Martinović.

Urvanity, the first Spanish fair dedicated to New Contemporary Art that gathers disciplines based in Urban Art, Post Graffiti, Surrealist Pop or the new Pop Art, is an event not to be missed during the Madrid Art Week. It was founded by Sergio Sancho with an idea to increase the visibility of artists who started painting in the street and didn’t have any place in traditional art fairs, today serving as a meeting point for the most renowned artists, galleries, collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

The only international New Contemporary Art Fair in Spain now returns to LASEDE Coam for its fourth edition. It will bring together around 30 galleries around the world, establishing the New Contemporary Art Fair as the most important in the country and an international reference. Once again, the fair seeks to reaffirm the ’70s artistic urban movements’ value. Sancho explains:

We are talking about Post-Graffiti, Pop Surrealism or the new Pop Art. We want to explore different street art scenarios that since its appearance managed to establish a new dialogue with modernity and has strengthened the actual artistic scene.

Urvanity already presented some of the greatest exponents of the movement, including Okuda, Shepard Fairey and Banksy, with many more to come.

Gregory Watin - Predque Demain, 2019, Grip Face - The endangered herd, 2020
Left: Gregory Watin – Predque Demain, 2019. Courtesy The Roger Project / Right: Grip Face – The endangered herd, 2020. Courtesy Cerquone Projects

Urvanity Art 2020 Exhibitors

Urvanity 2020 will welcome 28 exhibitors, together presenting more than 90 artists.

This edition will see the increased presence of international galleries, including Le Feuvre & Roze from Paris, featuring Le Module de Zeer, Sowat and ZestJoël Knafo from Paris, featuring Bom.K, Romain Froquet and Levalet; Happy Gallery from Paris, with Clément Arnaud, ILK and Antonyo Marest; MAGMA from Bologne, featuring Franco Fasoli, Jan Kalab, and Andrew Schoultz; Martina’s Gallery from Giussano will display work by Nuria Mora, Never2501 and Moneyless; PADRE Gallery from New York, featuring JerkFaceGregory Watin will be on view at The Roger Project from New York; Pantocrator Gallery from Suzhou and Barcelona will feature Dunja Janković, Flavia Junqueira and Juan Miguel Quiñones; HEARTBEATS from Mexico City is bringing Horacio Quiroz, José Luis Serzo and Abraham Jiménez; Vanessa Barragão, Rafa Macarrón and Martín Mancera can be found at Galería Casa Cuadrada from Bogota and Zurich; Cerquone Projects from Caracas and Madrid will present Fausto Amundarain, Paul Amundarain, Grip Face and Miju Lee; and Artrust from Melano, will have the art by Nevercrew, BanksyAndrea Ravo Mattoni and Raul33; among others.

Among local galleries will be 3 Punts from Barcelona, who will bring work by FAILE, Emilio García and Samuel Salcedo; Deih, GR170, Abel Iglesias and Sabek will occupy the booth of Montana Gallery from Barcelona; Swinton Gallery from Madrid will have Srger, SUE975, Ben Venom and Laurence Vallières; La Causa Galería from Madrid is bringing Helen Bur, GVIIIE, Imon Boy and Martín Gordopelota; while Xabier Anunzibai, Julián Manzelli (aka Chu) and Garikoitz C. Murua will be featured at Gko from Tolosa.

This year, the fair inaugurated Young Galleries, a curated program dedicated to new and young spaces that incorporate themselves into the artistic panorama to give them visibility to new innovative proposals. We can also expect the fair’s already established programs of Walls and Installations, as well as a Urvanity Talks, a complete program of talks and roundtables which will take place during the fair. Stay tuned for more details on these!

The List of Urvanity Art 2020 Exhibitors

3 PuntsFAILE
Emilio Garcia
Samuel Salcedo
Antonio ColomboSergio Mora
Andrea Ravo Mattoni
Cerquone ProjectsFausto Amundarain
Paul Amundarain
Grip Face
Miju Lee
Dúran Monkey GalleryJorge Rodríguez-Gerada
Xavier Magaldi
Willie Márquez
Fousion GalleryPeca
Miss Van
Víctor Castillo
Dilka Bear
Bruno Pontiroli
Will Barras
Mono Cieza
Furiosa GalleryCarlos Nicanor
Elena Rato
Antonio Tone
Galería Casa CuadradaVanessa Barragao
Rafa Macarrón
Martín Mancera
Galería Manuel OjedaCayetana Cuyás
Galerie Barrou PlanquartAstro
Paolo Ceribelli
Jo Di Bona
Frédérique Morrel
GkoXavier Anunzibai
Julián Manzelli (aka Chu)
Garikoitz C. Murua
Horacio Quiroz
Abraham Jiménez
Huntress of ArtKike Garcinuño
Alexander Zuleta
Joël Knafo (París)Bom.K
Romain Froquet
La Causa GaleríaMartín Gordopelota
Helen Bur
Imon Boy
Le Feuvre & RozeLe Module de Zeer
MAGMA GalleryFranco Fasoli
Jan Kaláb
Andrew Schoultz
Galería Manuel OjedaCayetana Cuyá
Queen Andrea
Montana Gallery BarcelonaDeih
Abel Iglesias
PADRE GalleryJerkFace
Pantocrator GalleryDunja Jankovic
Flavia Junqueira
Juan Miguel Quiñones
Swinton GallerySrger
Laurence Vallières
Ben Venom
The Roger ProjectGregory Watin
Yusto/GinerJulio Anaya Cabanding
Eduardo Balanza
Ana Barriga
Javier Calleja
María Pratts
Alessia Innocenti
Rithika Merchant
Kristin Sagli
B-MuralsNicolás Romero
Sobekcis+Tanja Taborin
Happy GalleryClément Arnaud
Antonyo Marest

Practical Information

Urvanity 2020 will take place at Lasede Coam in Madrid from February 27th until March 1st, 2020.

The doors of the fair will be open from 12 to 9 p.m. on Friday, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday and from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday.

The price of the Daily Ticket will be 10€ (≈$11), while a 3 Day Ticket will be 25€ (≈$28).

For more information, visit the official website of the fair.

The Location

Rafa Macarron - Campos de Madrid, 2019, Cuadrada Samuel Salcedo - The Writer, 2019
Left: Rafa Macarron – Campos de Madrid, 2019. Courtesy Galeria Casa / Right: Cuadrada Samuel Salcedo – The Writer, 2019. Courtesy 3 Punts Galeria
Banksy - Girl with balloon
Banksy – Girl with balloon. Artrust
Sowat - Sign Language, 2019
Sowat – Sign Language, 2019
ASVP - Figure 22. Courtesy McCaig-Welles
ASVP – Figure 22. Courtesy McCaig-Welles
Andrew Schoultz - Radiant Spectrum, 2019, Alessia Innocenti - Cuatro fragmentos II, 2018
Left: Andrew Schoultz – Radiant Spectrum, 2019. Courtesy MAGMA gallery / Right: Alessia Innocenti – Cuatro fragmentos II, 2018. Courtesy BienCuadrado
ILK - Blue Abstract, Jerkface - The Wave
Left: ILK – Blue Abstract. Happy Gallery / Right: Jerkface – The Wave. Courtesy PADRE gallery
Martin Gordopelota - Liderar, 2019, Sergio Mora - Monsters in paradise, 2018
Left: Martin Gordopelota – Liderar, 2019. Courtesy La Causa Galeria / Right: Sergio Mora – Monsters in paradise, 2018. Courtesy Antonio Colombo

Featured image: Urvanity 2019. All images courtesy of Urvanity.