Age to years
    Kawamura Gun - Mokumokuren and the Shadow, 2018 (detail)
    Kawamura Gun is a Japanese painter, video maker, and musician, whose art is characterized by humor, cynicism and a splash of sensuality.
    Romanho - Studio 21, 2017 (detail)
    Romanho is a Chilean contemporary artist and designer based in Dallas, Texas, whose technique is a unique procedure based on specially treated newsprints.
    Marco Guglielmi Reimmortal - To Blue or not to be? #2, 2020 (detail)
    Marco Guglielmi aka Reimmortal is an Italian sound designer, visual artist and performer, known for his big conceptual installations.
    Sergio Silvestrini - Inquadramento II, 2015 (detail)
    Conceptual Art Nikola Milosevic
    Sergio Silvestrini is an Italian photographer whose stunning experiments characterize him as a conceptual artist beyond the limit of photography.
    Malena Mazza - POP, 2018 (detail)
    Malena Mazza is an Italian photographer from Bologna who moved to Milan to attend the Cinema School. She currently works as a fashion photographer.
    Pietro Campagnoli - Senza Titolo #11, 2017
    Pietro Campagnoli is an Italian sculptor who uses casts, aiming to reproduce the shape of human beings. His works never have definite faces.
    Fortunato Depero - Manifest Campari, 1926 - image courtesy of Pinterest
    Futurism Balasz Takac
    Fortunato Depero (March 30, 1892 – November 29, 1960) was an Italian futurist painter, writer, sculptor and graphic designer.
    Carlo D'Orta - Liquidance # 93, 2015 (detail)
    Carlo D'Orta is an experienced Italian photographer who dropped his initial documentary approach, focusing instead on abstraction-oriented pictures.
    Fiamma Zagara - Magmatica, 2014 (detail)
    Conceptual Art Nikola Milosevic
    Fiamma Zagara is an Italian conceptual artist focusing on painting and sculpture, where she manipulates and transforms all sorts of recycled materials.
    Herman Normoid - Gemelli Separati, 2014 (detail)
    Choosing a moto Proud to be Obsolete, Herman Normoid is an Italian/Argentinian painter who works mainly with pure pigments and large spatulas.
    Luca Lionello - Exploded Dragonfly, 2020 (detail)
    Illustration Nikola Milosevic
    Luca Lionello is an Italian artist, working as a music composer for recitals and theatrical work, a professional anatomy illustrator, and a photographer.
    Antonio Pedretti - Bianco lombardo #6, 2018 (detail)
    Antonio Pedretti is an Italian contemporary painter widely known for his landscape works. He had his first solo show when he was just 16 years old.
    Dominique Agius - Liseuse, 2017 (detail)
    Dominique Agius is a French photographer who works on both commercial and personal projects. He has been running his own studio since 2010.
    Laura Soprani - Espansioni, 2019 (detail)
    Laura Soprani is an Italian painter, sculptor and photographer, who often experiments with alternative materials reworked in new textures and volumes.
    Theo van de Goor - Faun, 1995 (detail)
    Inspired by fables, myths, devils and demons, Theo van de Goor is a Dutch contemporary artist who creates paintings, etchings, and objects.
    Costel Iarca - Language Of Emotions, 2013 (detail)
    Abstract Expressionism Nikola Milosevic
    Costel Iarca is a Romanian artist who experiences strong emotions while painting, expressing them in strange shapes and brilliant vibrant colors.
    Bansri Chavda - Spiritual Red, 2018 (detail)
    Abstract Art Nikola Milosevic
    Bansri Chavda is an Indian contemporary artist who creates floral and landscape paintings, abstract art, Ganesha paintings, and interactive art.
    Karel Stoop - Cosmic Reference II, 2017 (detail)
    Abstract Art Nikola Milosevic
    Karel Stoop is a Dutch contemporary abstract painter whose art investigates how colors and forms impact on the human psyche. He is based in Spain.