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    Various & Gould
    Urban Art, Murals Milja Ficpatrik
    Various & Gould is a German artistic duo best known for their mural depiction of serious themes like migration, identity, death and financial crisis.
    David Choe
    Urban Art, Murals Lola M.
    David Choe is an American figure painter, muralist, graffiti artist and graphic novelist of Korean descent known for his figure paintings.
    Monkey Bird - portrait Photo Credits © Stefany.B
    Urban Art, Murals Nikola Milosevic
    MonkeyBird is a duo of French contemporary artists. They are known for using symbolic anthropomorphism in their artworks.
    AJ Fosik at Guerrero Gallery, photo credits
    AJ Fosik is an American artist, born in Detroit, Michigan. He is best known for his carefully crafted and vividly colored wooden sculptures.
    Brett Amory, image source Warholian
    Brett Amory is an American artist, best known for his Waiting series of paintings in which he poetically depicts isolation caused by the big city life.
    Andrew Schoultz - portrait - image via arrestedmotioncom
    Sourcing inspiration from various sources, Andrew Schoultz creates frenetic imagery depicting an ephemeral history bound to repeat itself.
    Bortusk Leer
    Urban Art Milja Ficpatrik
    Bortusk Leer is a Slovenian artist, best known for his joyful monsters on the streets of London and Amsterdam. He is one of the pioneers of art-comedy.
    Sergej Vutuc
    Urban Art Milja Ficpatrik
    Sergej Vutuc is a Bosnian-Croatian artist, known for his DIY art. He is passionate skateboarder, photographer, zine maker and a musician.
    Ken Davis - The Ghost of Daniel Plainview, 2018 (detail)
    Ken Davis is an American contemporary artist widely known and recognized for his sign paintings. He was born in 1982.