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    Carroll Dunham Portrait by Grant Delin
    Best known for his brightly colored biomorphic paintings, American painter Carroll Dunham born in 1849, creates humorous images with a sexual connotation.
    John Baldessari - Photo of the artist - Image via
    Conceptual Art Andrey V.
    John Baldessari was an American artist who fused photography, montage, painting, and text to create complex and fun compositions beginning in the 1950s.
    John Armleder - Photo of the artist - Image via Pier Marco Tacca
    Fluxus Andrey V.
    John Armleder is a Swiss performance artist, painter, sculptor, critic and curator primarily known for his involvements with Fluxus and the Neo-Geo group.
    Ed Ruscha photographed at his Culver City - imageviaartnews
    Pop Art Maximilian Braun
    Edward Ruscha is an American artist from the Pop Art movement whose photography, drawing, painting, and artist books record the shifting symbols of American life.
    Sascha Braunig, Untitled, Icy Spicy, (detail), photo credits Fast co design
    Surrealism Jasmine Lark
    Sascha Braunig, born in 1983, is a Canadian artist who combines vibrant color and a hypnotic style in her paintings and drawings.
    Sam Gilliam - Ribboned II, 1965 (detail)
    Color Field, Abstract Expressionism Dea K.
    Sam Gilliam is an American abstract painter born in 1933, best known for his works that test the boundaries of color, form, texture, and the canvas itself.
    Will Boone - Goliad, solo show at Jonathan Viner, London, 2014, photo credits Jonathan Viner
    Will Boone is an American artist who investigates codes of communication, symbiology and subjective meaning in his artistic practice.
    Walter Robinson - Gin, 2013 - Courtesy of the artist
    Walter Robinson is an American artist best known for his paintings which comment on modern phenomena, such as consumerism and fashion.