Age to years
    Tancrède Perrot aka Tanc.
    Graffiti, Abstract Art Jasmine Lark
    Tancrède Perrot aka Tanc is a French artist born in 1979 in Paris. His work is characterized by the uniqueness of his style, which is better understood acknowledging Tanc grew up as a graffiti artist.
    Graffiti Jean Gallard
    Lek is a Parisian writer/graffiti artist who started his career when the graffiti scene was in full bloom in Paris. Lek often cooperates with Sowat.
    L'Atlas - portrait - photo courtesy of the artist
    Urban Art, Calligraphy M. Zotovich
    L’Atlas is a French street artist, painter, photographer and video artist, well-known for his unique and recognizable lettering style.
    Vincent Abadie Hafez aka Zepha - artist
    Graffiti, Calligraphy, Murals Jasmine Lark
    Vincent Abadie Hafez also known as Zepha is a French artist whose work is strongly inspired by traditional and contemporary Arabic calligraphy.
    Urban Art, Graffiti Jean Gallard
    Alexone Dizac is a French artist, painter and illustrator, coming from the Graffiti world. He is best known for mixing paint drips, ghost tags drawn with a marker pen or a spray can, flames, one-line geometrical patterns, funny punchlines...
    Remed - portrait
    Urban Art, Graffiti, Murals Nina K
    Alby Guillaume aka Remed is a French artist known for his brightly-colored large-scale murals and canvas works, recognizable for their strong shapes.
    Urban Art Aya N.I.
    L‘Outsider is an anonymous French street artist, known for his colorful murals and fondness for typography. His works adorn the walls of many cities.
    Mist 5
    Graffiti Nina K
    MIST is a French artist born in 1972 in Paris whose paintings in the slightly acid colors and wildstyle leave nobody indifferent.
    Urban Art, Graffiti Jean Gallard
    Augustine Kofie, aka KofieOne, is an American artist who has formed a retro-futuristic aesthetic which transplants these shapes and angles into a soulful, organic, yet highly mathematical form of abstraction.
    Arthur Dorval - portrait
    Geometric abstraction Bojan Zlatkov
    Arthur Dorval is a prominent French painter, best known for his vibrant and brightly colored paintings. He belongs to Geometric Abstraction movement.
    Sebastien Preschoux - Portrait of the artist - Image courtesy of the artist
    Sebastien Preschoux is a self-taught French artist well known for his vibrant geometric thread sculptures and drawings.
    Yaze portrait - Courtesy of David Bloch Gallery
    Yassine Mekhnache, also known simply as Yaze, is a French self-taught artist, known for his large-scale portraits in which he tries to capture memory.
    Swiz at Pavillon Carré de Baudouin in Paris for Art Azoï, 2016 - photo © Michel Jean-Théodore
    Urban Art, Graffiti Hugo Hess
    Swiz is a French street artist with a prime interest in street art. His preferred canvases are walls of abandoned places and streets of Paris suburbia.
    Sowat 3
    Urban Art, Graffiti Jean Gallard
    Sowat is a French artist - a screenwriter, film director and graffiti artist best known for his calligraffiti style.
    O'Clock art, photo credits - Graffart
    Graffiti Jasmine Lark
    O'Clock is the pseudonym of one of the most productive and the most creative artists in the history of Parisian graffiti scene.
    Jaybo 3
    Graffiti Nina K
    Jaybo Monk is French artist who explores the world and draws an emotional topography of his life, consisting of half hidden visual fragments of memory that are revealing and timeless at the same time.
    Arnaud Liard portrait - Photo Credits Romain Riviere
    Urban Art, Graffiti Jasmine Lark
    Arnaud Liard (aka Osean, Honda) is a French contemporary artist born in 1975. In the beginning he was a graffiti artist, but today Liard works with various media that he mixes, obtaining a surprising result.
    Urban Art Jasmine Lark
    Ghizlane Sahli is a Moroccan artist known for her three-dimensional embroideries made with plastic bottles bottoms covered by silk yarns.