Age to years
    Alain Schwarzstein - artwork
    Alain Schwarzstein is a French artist best known for his black and white photographs of faces and bodies.
    Gerard Fournier - Basalte, cristal, 2017
    Gerard Fournier is a French artist who was born in 1948. He is best known for his stone sculptures.
    Francis Guerrier - Petite Lune
    Francis Guerrier is a French artist who was born in 1964, in Marseille. He is best known for his metal sculptures.
    Jean-Luc Guin Amant - Danse III (detail)
    Jean-Luc Guin Amant is a French contemporary artist, widely known for his paintings, sculptures, installations, and etchings.
    Christiane Filliatreau - portrait
    Christiane Filliatreau is a French contemporary artist known for her ceramic sculptures. She sees her work as a dialogue with clay.
    Valentin Capony - To Revolve 1, 2019 (detail)
    Valentin Capony is a French contemporary draughtsman and engraver. He studied at the Ecole Supérieure d'Art and Design in Saint-Etienne.
    Christophe Moreau - Time goes by, 2019 (detail)
    Christophe Moreau is a French artist known for his drawings. Though working from a photographic base, his pieces are not strictly speaking hyper-realistic.
    Sveta Marlier - portrait
    Svetà Marlier is a Russian-born and Nice-based contemporary painter. She graduated from the School of Fine Arts and the School of Cinematography.
    Thomas de Vuillefroy - RNP 113, 2017 (detail)
    Thomas de Vuillefroy is a French contemporary artist based in Espalion, Aveyron. He studied at the ESAG-Penninghen and at the Beaux-Arts d'Angers.
    Portrait of Christian von Sydow
    Christian von Sydow is a Swedish applied artist focused on producing objects out of glass and clay and is known for his exciting sand castings made in combination with other materials.
    Danielle Prijikorski -Portrait
    Danielle Prijikorski is a French painter focused on producing collages and is known for her extraordinary manner of combining peculiar materials.
    Enrique Mestre-Jaime - Photo of the artist - Image courtesy of Enrique Mestre-Jaime
    Enrique Mestre-Jaime is a Spanish painter whose visual vocabulary is based on his deepest connections with nature and its most important resource - water.
    Portrait, 2015
    Frederick Gagne is an artist focused on visual translation of the status and multiple meanings and readings of images in contemporary digital culture.
    Pierre Riba - Artwork - image courtesy of Quinquabelle2008
    Pierre Riba is an established French artist known for his monochrome and minimal sculptures respectively objects that were made out of fluted cardboard.
    Minimal Art Balasz Takac
    Raymond Guerrier was an established French painter known for his both figurative and abstract works and affiliation to with avant-garde currents of his time.