Age to years
    Jackson Patterson - Working in the Field, 2017 (detail)
    Jackson Patterson is an American photographer known for creating a new method, allowing two different realities to co-exist within one photography.
    Serge Najjar - Zebra Path, 2012 (detail)
    Serge Najjar is a Lebanese self-taught photographer, whose approach to photography is intuitive, deriving from his passion for contemporary art.
    Stephen Ormandy - Dragracing Spirit, 2017 (detail)
    Stephen Ormandy is an Australian contemporary artist, whose work is born of the subconscious mind. He studied at the University of New South.
    Jane Harris - Smoke and Mirrors 1, 2016 (detail)
    Jane Harris is an English contemporary artist widely known for using the ellipse as a recurring motif, both in her paintings and her works on paper.
    Christopher Kuhn - Time Warp, 2016 (deail)
    Christopher Kuhn is an American contemporary artist who blurs the conventional continuity of pictorial compositions by using multiple layers.
    Octave Marsal - Le Reve de Durer, 2018 (detail)
    Octave Marsal is a French contemporary drawing artist. In his works, Marsal superposes and intermingles subjects and even epochs.
    Shawn Huckins - Portrait of the Artist in the Studio (detail), photo credits
    Shawn Huckins is mostly known for mixing American 18th-century revolution paintings with the internet jargon. It's where Abraham Lincoln meets twerking.
    Norma Bessières in front one of her pieces, photo credits Toutes Les Nouvelles, via 78actu fr
    Norma Bessieres is a French artist who creates striking paintings with zebra motif. She has exhibited her work in France, Belgium, USA and beyond.