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    Joan Miro 1
    Surrealism, Figurative Art, Dada Milja Ficpatrik
    A Spanish artist of great critical acclaim, Joan Miro was one of the key representatives of Surrealism that refused to identify himself as such.
    Antoni Tapies
    Surrealism Milja Ficpatrik
    Antoni Tàpies was a Spanish painter, sculptor and art theorist, who became one of the most famous European artists of his generation.
    Karel Appel - Photo of the artist - Image via pinterestcom
    Abstract Art Andrey V.
    Karel Appel was a Dutch painter and a sculptor who developed many abstract concepts during the key periods of his country's modern art history.
    Pierre Alechinsky
    Abstract Expressionism, Tachisme, Lyrical Abstraction Nina K
    Pierre Alechinsky is a Belgian artist whose work is related to tachisme, abstract expressionism, and lyrical abstraction. He lives and works in France
    David Hockney - Picture of the artist - Image via netdna-cdncom
    Pop Art Andrey V.
    David Hockney is a celebrated English painter, printmaker, photographer and stage designer who was a crucial figure of the Britain's Pop art movement.
    Robert Motherwell - Portrait - Photo via pinterest
    Abstract Expressionism Milja Ficpatrik
    Robert Motherwell was an American painter, printmaker, and editor. He was one of the youngest of the New York School, known for Abstract Expressionism.
    Barthelemy Toguo - portrait, photo courtesy of Art Absolument
    Born in 1967, Barthelemy Toguo is a Cameroonian multidisciplinary artist based in Paris and Bandjoun. His work has been included in various shows.
    Arnulf Rainer
    Arnulf Rainer is an Austrian painter, the founder of Art Informel in Austria, and best known for his ‘overpaintings’, developed in the 1950s.
    Etel Adnan, photo by Simone Fattal, photo credits - artist
    Abstract Art Jasmine Lark
    Etel Adnan is a poetess, novelist, essayist and visual artist born in 1925, in Beirut, Lebanon.
    Abstract Art Dylan Cuddy
    Gunther Forg, was born in Füssen, Allgäuon on 5 December 1952. He was a German painter, graphic designer, sculptor, and photographer.
    Fabienne Verdier - Konigsklasse II (detail), photo credits of the artist
    Fabienne Verdier is a French abstract artist and one of the very few European artists to have mastered traditional Chinese ink painting.
    Marc Desgrandchamps - Photo of the artist - Image via bp
    Marc Desgrandchamps is a French Lyon-based artist who became famous for his surreal, enchanting compositions that enthrall the viewers almost instantly.
    Kiki Smith - portrait (detail) - photo credits Erik Madigan Heck
    Kiki Smith is an American sculptor whose work has addressed the themes of birth and regeneration, and sometimes has Catholic allusions.
    David Nash, photo credits - BBC
    Land Art Jasmine Lark
    David Nash is a British sculptor who uses a wide range of wood products and other natural materials to create unique works.
    Ernest Pignon-Ernest - Photo of the artist - Photo Credits Ernest Pignon-Ernest
    Urban Art Andrey V.
    Ernest Pignon-Ernest is a French urban artist and one of the forefathers of what is today known as the street art and urban intervention.
    Jean-Baptiste Huynh - Jambes (detail), Nude series, photo credits of the artist
    Jean-Baptiste Huynh is a well-known, prize-winning photographer French photographer known for his series of works made in Mali, Japan and India.
    Nalini Malani - Roland Garros, 2010 (detail)
    Nalini Malani is one of the leading contemporary Indian artists. She is known for lush, politically charged mixed-media paintings, drawings, and videos.
    Jean Dubuffet - Photo of the artist - Image via Inge Morath, Magnum Photos
    Jean Dubuffet was a French painter and sculptor who dedicated his career to creating primitive and childlike pieces around which Art Brut movement was formed.