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    Davide Bramante is an Italian artist widely known and recognized for his large-format photos portraying metropolitan cities around the world.
    Claudia Peill is an Italian artist whose work can be described as a unique and elegant combination of two very different mediums: painting and photography.
    Elvio Chiricozzi is an Italian artist widely recognized for his painting and drawing skills. His most recent series is inspired by natural phenomena.
    Veronica Botticelli is an Italian contemporary artist who often paints everyday objects out of their usual environment and completely out of context.
    Perino & Vele are an Italian artistic duo, best known for their sculpture and nonconformist and highly critical attitude towards current events.
    Daniel Rich - Shenzhen, 2018 (detail)
    Daniel Rich is translates photographs into paintings that call attention to implicit political and social narratives transcribed in the built environment.
    Fabrizio Corneli is an Italian contemporary artist whose work revolves around shadows and light. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.
    Kennedy Yanko - Still, 2018
    Kennedy Yanko works in paint skin and metal, repurposing materials in unexpected, lyrical combinations.
    Maria Elisabetta Novello is an Italian contemporary artist who uses ash as the base of her work, which consists of sculptures, installations, and paintings.
    Letha Wilson - Folded Riverbed Curve Cut, 2019 (detail)
    Letha Wilson is an American artist who often combines large-scale landscape photographs with sculptural elements of metal and concrete.
    Aron Demetz - artist, photo credits - International Art Bridge-Blog
    Aron Demetz is an Italian artist who creates life size sculptures which emphasize the relationship between man and his environment.
    Saul Melman is an American multidisciplinary artist whose work takes shape in the form of sculpture, installation, photography and printmaking.
    Paula Cortazar - #19 (La Fuerza del Río series), 2019
    Paula Cortazar is a Mexican artist whose work is mainly based on the search for drawing in nature. She lives and works in Monterrey, Nuevo León.
    Gretchen Scherer is an American artist who obtained her BFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and graduated with an MFA from Hunter College in 2006.
    Martha Tuttle - Navel, 2019
    Martha Tuttle is an American contemporary multidisciplinary artist born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She uses natural materials of wool, silk, and dye.
    Bertozzi & Casoni - portrait of the artists - image via equilibriartenet
    Bertozzi and Casoni is an artistic duo from Italy consisting of Giampaolo Bertozzi and Stefano Dal Monte Casoni. They are widely known for their sculptures.
    Basil Kincaid - Exaltation, 2017 (detail)
    Conceptual Art Nikola Milosevic
    Basil Kincaid is an American artist who explores his personal identity and African heritage through paintings, sculptures and textiles.
    Benjamin Degen is an American artist best known for his paintings defined by a thick application of paint. He lives and works in New York.