Age to years
    Vhils - Photo of the artist at work - Image via stick2target
    Urban Art, Street Art Andrey V.
    Vhils is the alias of a Portuguese street artist Alexandre Farto whose remarkably unique technique of plaster penetration makes his work immediately recognizable.
    Graffiti Jean Gallard
    Lek is a Parisian writer/graffiti artist who started his career when the graffiti scene was in full bloom in Paris. Lek often cooperates with Sowat.
    Zenoy - BATTLE BBOY LETTERS, 2013
    Street Art Milja Ficpatrik
    Zenoy is a French street artist, who has actively been painting for more than two decades. His style is recognizable by its vibrant colors.
    Herve Di Rosa
    Sculpture, Painting Lor Dethal
    Developing a practice diverse in techniques and mediums, Herve Di Rosa (Hervé Di Rosa) assumes a unique place in the contemporary world of art.
    Dran - Dran portrait (detail)
    Graffiti, Illustration Nina K
    Known for his ironic representation of contemporary socio-cultural issues, Dran became favored by both the collectors and street art community.
    Gottfried Salzmann - artist portrait, photo credits - People Check
    Painting, Collage Jasmine Lark
    Gottfried Salzmann is an Austrian artist widely recognized for his eye-catching watercolors depicting some of the world’s most famous cities.
    Rene Botti - Untitled (detail), photo credits
    Sculpture, Painting, Collage, Drawing Susan Wang
    Rene Botti is a French painter and illustrator whose extraordinary works vary in technique and themes bringing out the wonder of every life.
    Philippe Herard - Untitled, 2015 - image via
    Urban Interventions, Street Art, Painting Jacqueline Clyde
    Philippe Herard is a French painter and street artist, most famous for his urban interventions at Ménilmontant neighbourhood of Paris.
    Gregos - Gregos piece in Paris - Photo Credits The Artist
    Sculpture, Street Art, Painting Andrey V.
    Gregos is an unbelievably entertaining artist from Paris, the city this man covers with fascinating sculptures of his own face in different moods.
    Stoul - Peinture Sur Le M.U.R. D'arromanches, France, 2012
    Street Art, Digital Art, Painting, Collage, Murals Lola M.
    Stoul is a French artist who uses her love for women's fashion, Japanese Manga books, and fondness of cats, to create marvelous and graphic paintings.
    Borondo - intervention in Albany (AUS) for PUBLIC 2016, photo Bewley Shaylor
    Street Art, Murals, Glass art Jean Gallard
    Borondo is a Spanish street artist whose technique of scratched glass became the inseparable form of his personal and original language.
    Katre - portrait, image via The Associated Press
    Urban Art, Street Art, Graffiti Dea K.
    Katre is a French street artist born in 1977, known for his works that make a perfect connection between two of his passions - exploring abandoned places and graffiti.
    Miss.Tic, 2013
    Prints, Urban Art, Sculpture, Street Art, Graffiti, Painting, Drawing Jasmine Lark
    Miss.Tic, born in 1956, in Montmartre, France, is a Parisian visual artist and poet, one of the pioneers of street art in France. She is known for her stencils of dark haired woman often seen in the streets of Paris and associated with poetry.
    Kai & Sunny 1
    Illustration, Design Nina K
    Kai & Sunny are an artist duo based in London whose work appears in many artistic contexts.
    Nouveau Réalisme Andrey V.
    Jacques Villeglé is a French mixed-media artist famous for his alphabet with symbolic letters and collage with ripped or lacerated posters.
    Jana & JS 1
    Street Art Nina K
    Jana & JS are an Austro-French artist couple, whose work can be found both in urban as well as in a closed space. Jana & Js merge their work since 2007 around their passion for photography and their common sensitivity to the urban aesthetic.
    Logan Hicks
    Urban Art, Stencil Jean Gallard
    Logan Hicks is a New York-based stencil artist whose work explores the dynamics of the urban environment. Originally a screen printer, Logan’s work has gained notoriety.
    Street Art, Graffiti, Wheat Pasting Jean Gallard
    Charles Leval, aka Levalet, is a French artist who takes advantage of Paris’ architecture, combining his knowledge of theatre and painting to produce site-specific work.