Age to years
    Pia Fries uses photographed and silkscreened elements in her work alongside and under and against fantastic piles of caked, troweled, scraped and smeared oil paint.
    Beverly Fishman - Untitled (Anxiety), 2017
    Geometric abstraction Nikola Milosevic
    The American artist Beverly Fishman is known for aexploring technological, scientific, and biological systems of perception and representation.
    Portrait of Wolf Kahn - image courtesy of the artist
    Contemporary Realism Dea K.
    Wolf Kahn is a German-born American painter best known for his unique blend of Realism and the formal discipline of Color Field painting.
    Emily Mason - Look Back, 2018 (detail)
    Abstract Art Nikola Milosevic
    An American modernist, Emily Mason is best known for compositions characterized by exquisite sensitivity to color, balance, and form.
    Ryan McGinness - profile
    Calligraphy, Psychedelic art, Neo-Pop Dea K.
    Ryan McGinness is a New York-based contemporary artist, known for his psychedelic paintings and sculptures that merge slick biomorphic abstraction with surrealistic imagery.
    Markus Linnenbrink - NEONEYEDDAD, 2019 (detail)
    Abstract Art Nikola Milosevic
    Markus Linnenbrink creates colorful drip paintings and striped room-size environments, evoking the stripe paintings of Morris Louis and Gene Davis.
    Isca Greenfield-Sanders - artist
    Isca Greenfield-Sanders is an American artist whose oil paintings and watercolors are based on found transparencies from the 1950s and 1960s.
    Suzanne Caporael - Sb, O, Pb lead yellow, 1999 - image courtesy of Addison Ripley fine art
    Color Field Balasz Takac
    Suzanne Caporael is a notable American artist who’s work derives from close observation of the natural world which she tries to define and control it.
    Michael Reafsnyder - Glacial Play, 2018 (detail)
    Abstract Art Nikola Milosevic
    The American painter Michael Reafsnyder is best known for painterly abstractions that convey a sense of delirious happiness.
    Robert Motherwell - Portrait - Photo via pinterest
    Abstract Expressionism Milja Ficpatrik
    Robert Motherwell was an American painter, printmaker, and editor. He was one of the youngest of the New York School, known for Abstract Expressionism.
    Roy Dowell - untitled 1125, 2019 (detail)
    An American contemporary visual artist, Roy Dowell is best known for abstract compositions combining collage and painted elements, and elements of mass media.
    Portrait of Jason Middlebrook - image courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    Jason Middlebrook is an American artist interested in uneasy coexistence between natural phenomena and human-made objects who works in sculpture, installation, site-specific projects.
    Abstract Art Jasmine Lark
    Phillip Allen is a British artist born in 1967 in London. His work was included in numerous solo and group exhibitions.
    David Allan Peters - Untitled 16, 2017 (detail)
    Abstract Art Nikola Milosevic
    The American artist David Allan Peters is best known for textured abstract paintings composed of many layers, exploding with vibrant colors.
    Judy Pfaff - Turkey Red, 1997 (detail)
    Judy Pfaff is a notable American artist known mainly for large scale, site-specific installations as well for colorful drawings and detailed sculptures made out of various materials.
    Inka Essenhigh - The Blazing World, 2019 (detail)
    Pop Surrealism Milja Ficpatrik
    Inka Essenhigh is an American contemporary artist widely known and recognized for her richly colored surrealism paintings.
    April Gornik in her studio
    April Gornik is an American fine artist famous for her landscape paintings, drawings and prints of the sea, lakes, fields, rain and storms.
    James Hayward - Abstract 205, 2014 (detail)
    Abstract Art Nikola Milosevic
    James Hayward focuses on the monochrome positions within the lineage of abstract painting, from Malevich and Mondrian to Reinhardt and Ryman.