Age to years
    Alaniz - Death and Lamb - photo credits - artist
    Urban Art, Graffiti Andrey V.
    Alaniz is a Berlin-based Argentinian contemporary artist known for his stunning murals created on the streets of Germany’s capital.
    Isaac Zavale portrait via Tumblr
    Influenced by the horrors and hardships of war, Mozambican-born artist Isaac Zavale often displays AK47 rifles in contrast with birds in his drawings
    Ayanda Mabulu - portrait - photo credits David Harrison, M&G, via mgcoza
    Ayanda Mabulu is a South African artist best known for his best known for his painting of naked President Jacob Zuma.
    Jana Hamman - portrait, photo via 10and5 com
    Jana Hamman is an artist known mostly for her mixed media works, incredible computer pieces and unique takes on the medium of installation.
    Io Makandal - The C, photo via celesteprize com
    Io Makandal is a Johannesburg-based artist who operates with many fields of art, including sculpture, drawing, prints, photography and site installations.
    Jason Bronkhorst - portrait, photo via comixart wordpress com
    Jason Bronkhorst is a South African artist whose work is focused on the medium of painting, although he does regularly use a couple of other techniques as well.
    Maaike Bakker - This and That (detail), photo credits of the artist
    Maaike Bakker is a Pretoria-based artist and illustrator who works in a many different media including drawing, sculpture and installation.
    Minenkulu Ngoyi - portrait, photo by Anthea Pokroy, via witsvuvuzela com
    Minenkulu Ngoyi is a Johannesburg-born artist known for his artworks that examine the Shembe way of life, which is historically connected to his family.
    Craig Smith - Anti-hero (detail), oil on canvas, 1200mm x 900mm, photo via kalashnikovv co za
    Craig Smith is a self-taught artist, photographer and designer based in Johannesburg. He is represented by Kalashnikov gallery.
    Vusi Beauchamp - Take Us for a Ride (detail), photo via kalashnicovv co za
    Vusi Beauchamp is an artist, multimedia designer and art director whose work deals with social and political issues in South Africa.
    Andrew Kayser - State of the Nation 2, photo via kalashnicovv co za
    Andrew Kayser is a South African artist born in 1975. He graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Haag, Netherlands in 2001.
    MJ Turpin - portrait, photo via fatform com
    MJ Turpin is a South African contemporary artist born in 1982. He obtained his BA Fine Art (Honours) from the University of the Witwatersrand.
    Justus Jager - Caterkiller (detail), 2016 - photo courtesy of Kalashnikovv Gallery
    Justus Jager is a German artist born in 1982 in Dresden. His work has been included in exhibitions in India, Germany, South Africa and Russia.
    Paul Gleason - The Gods Must Be Crazy - The Goddess - Isis (detail), photo courtesy of Kalashnikovv Gallery
    Paul Gleason is a German artist living and working in Berlin. He is known for his oil paintings such as The Gods Must Be Crazy - The Goddess - Isis.
    Emanuel Bernstone - A Bigger Annunciation (detail),13 monotypes (silkscreen), 2013 - photo credits of the artist
    Monochromatic Art Jasmine Lark
    Born in 1973, in Karlskrona, Sweden, Emanuel Bernstone is a Berlin-based artist known for his monochrome paintings that are rich and lustrous in texture.
    Marco Reichert - Untitled 11 (detail), 2016 - photo credits of the artist and CoGalleries
    Abstract Art Jasmine Lark
    Marco Reichert is a German artist known for his hyper-realistic oil on linin paintings. He lives and works in Berlin.
    Lena von Gödeke - Untitled (deatil), 2014 - photo credits of the artist
    Lena von Godeke is a German artist known for her paper cuts, drawings, and objects in which traditional techniques combine with contemporary approaches.