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    C215 - featured
    Urban Art, Graffiti Nikola Milosevic
    C215, whose real name is Christian Guémy, is a French street artist known as one of the top stencil artists in the world.
    Alex Yanes
    Urban Art, Pop Art Milja Ficpatrik
    Alex Yanes is an American artist best known for his vibrant art that embodies innovative use of color and imaginative subject matter.
    Amanda Marie - profile
    Urban Art, Murals Dea K.
    Amanda Marie is an American painter and street artist, born in 1981. As a self-described ‘stencilist’, she creates art inspired by illustrations and characters from mid-20th century children’s books.
    Jim Houser artist portrait
    Best known for his works in installations, painting, sculpture and collage, Jim Houser is an American artist and one of the members of Space1026.
    Benjamin Garcia - portrait
    Benjamin Garcia is a Venezuelan painter known for his recognizable aesthetic language which is subtly surreal and dark at the same time.
    Carl Cashman - artist, photo via arrestedmotion
    Carl Cashman is a United Kingdom-based artist known for his striking, vibrant geometric-based optical art.
    Allison Sommer - The Second Passage (detail), photo credits of the artist
    Allison Sommers is an American self-taught artist who works in a wide range of media including paintings, drawings, sculptures, miniatures, and assemblages.
    Jolene Lai - After Midnight (detail), 2013, photo copyright of the artist
    Jolene Lai is a Singapore-born and California-based artist and illustrator who works primarily with oil on canvas or mixed media on watercolor paper.
    Stephanie Buer is a Portland-based artist known for her photorealist works in both oil and charcoal depicting the marginal areas of cities.
    Anthony Clarkson - A Clockwork Courtesan (detail) - photo credits of the artist
    Anthony Clarkson is a Los Angeles-based artist, designer and illustrator known for his ghostly surreal work that has been on display in several galleries throughout the USA and abroad.
    Marco Mazzoni - Photo of the artist - Image via pinterest
    Surrealism Andrey V.
    Marco Mazzoni is an Italian Milan-based artist whose elaborate drawings depict female figures and small animals being consumed by flora and fauna
    Drew Leshko - Photo of the artist in his studio - Image via hahamag
    Drew Leshko is an American artist who recreates everyday elements of his neighborhood, turning them into detailed and intriguing sculptures.
    Ozabu - Untitled - Image courtesy of Thinkspace Gallery
    Ozabu is a Chinese painter and an illustrator whose elaborate drawings are rich with content and details.
    Brooks Salzwedel - Untitled - Image via georgebilliscom
    Brooks Salzwedel’s works are natural and manmade structures disconnected from their usual surroundings or places in time.
    Baghead - Pieces on display - Image via vimeocdncom
    Urban Art Andrey V.
    Joshua Hall, or Baghead, is an American artist who uses mixed media as a street artist, producing commissioned and non commissioned public works.
    Bumblebeelovesyou - Photo of the artist working - Image via carlsbadcrawlcom
    Urban Art Andrey V.
    Bumblebeelovesyou uses the technique of stenciling and mixed media to create images of children on unloved walls of his hometown.
    Urban Art, Illustration Andrey V.
    Aaron Li-Hill is a Canadian visual artist currently based out of Brooklyn, who employs painting, illustration, stenciling, and sculptural elements within his works.
    Christopher Konecki - Photo of the artist - Image via christopherkonecki
    Urban Art Andrey V.
    Christopher Konecki is an American artist whose work is explorative of social consciousness, generally irreverent, and focused on subjects that are both serious and absurd.