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    Andy Warhol Portrait
    Pop Art Hugo Hess
    Andrew Warhola, better known as Andy Warhol, was one of the most significant American artists and a central figure in the Pop Art movement.
    Margaret Morrison - Wax Lips - 2008
    Figurative Art Bojan Zlatkov
    Margaret Morrison is an American artist, best known for her paintings which fuse still life, elements from figurative art and subjects of surrealism.
    Robert Indiana - portrait
    Pop Art, Hard-edge Painting Dea K.
    One of the leading figures in American art since the 1960s, Robert Indiana played a pivotal role in the growth of assemblage art, hard-edge painting and Pop Art.
    Urban Art, Pop Art Maximilian Braun
    Leaving a resonating effect on the street art of New York and art in general, Keith Haring created largely public available artwork in the 20th century,
    Alexander Calder - artist, photo credits MFA
    Abstract Art, Kinetic Art Milja Ficpatrik
    Alexander Calder was an American artist, best known as a sculptor - originator of so called mobile, a type of kinetic sculpture.
    Rauschenberg, Image via observercom
    Pop Art, Neo-Dada Hugo Hess
    Robert Rauschenberg, born as Milton Rauschenberg in 1925, in Port Arthur, Texas, was one of the central figures in the development of post-war American art.
    Portrait of James Rosenquist - image courtesy of EFE
    Pop Art Milja Ficpatrik
    James Rosenquist is an American painter, print-maker and sculptor. He references to mass-production and mass media, together with a dispassionate and seemingly anonymous technique.
    Susan Breen - For Claustrophobia, 2008 (detail)
    Abstract Art Nina K
    Susan Breen is an American artist who creates beautiful abstract paintings. Growing up in Buffalo, New York she showed interest in art from a very early age.
    Pop Art Dylan Cuddy
    Roy Lichtenstein was an American Pop artist who became a figure of monumental importance in the recent history of art.
    David Hockney - Picture of the artist - Image via netdna-cdncom
    Pop Art Andrey V.
    David Hockney is a celebrated English painter, printmaker, photographer and stage designer who was a crucial figure of the Britain's Pop art movement.
    Matt Siren - work in progress, 2011
    Urban Art, Illustration Nina K
    Matt Siren is an American street artist and illustrator, best known for his trademark Ghost Girl image. Siren was born in New York.
    Pop Art Jasmine Lark
    Allan D'Arcangelo was a New York-born artist and printmaker, best known for his paintings of highways and road signs.
    Alex Katz, photo by Suzanne Kreiter for The Boston Globe
    Alex Katz is an American painter and printmaker renowned for his simplified approach that examines the limitations of portraits and landscapes.
    Donald Sultan - portrait, photo credits Zach Hilty-BFA
    Abstract Expressionism Bojan Zlatkov
    Donald K. Sultan is an American artist, known for his large-scale still-life paintings, and for using industrial materials such as tar and enamel.
    Sol Lewitt - Artist, photo credits
    Minimal Art, Conceptual Art Dylan Cuddy
    One of the establishers of the Conceptual and Minimalistic art, Sol LeWitt was best known for his wall drawings and geometrical sculptures.
    Sam Francis' Portrait - Courtesy of Sam Francis Foundation
    Abstract Expressionism Milja Ficpatrik
    Samuel Lewis Francis was an important post-war American abstract expressionist, whose work was influenced by Japanese and French tradition.
    Larry Rivers in His Studio, 1985
    Pop Art Dea K.
    Larry Rivers was a true American renaissance man – an accomplished Jazz musician, a painter, sculptor, poet, actor, television personality, filmmaker, author and teacher.
    Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk - Monkey Comb in Burning Hair, 2001 (detail)
    Jo Ellen Van Ouwerkerk is an American painter. She employs various techniques on canvas, and her paintings invariably feature stunning female figures.