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  • CAVE Gallery
  • CAVE Gallery
June 9, 2014
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The work of the Spanish urban art representative called VinZ is a brave critique of the current global policies, which strive to artificially establish order in western societies, but at the very high cost of personal freedom. His stacked figured made of merged humanoid and avian forms evoke many issues related to the ongoing disruption of civil liberties. C.A.V.E. gallery is opening a new solo exhibition of VinZ on June 14 entitled Resistencia, presenting a series of large, mixed media collages, with the artist present at the opening. One of the curiosities are singular resin sculptures, which will be revealed at the C.A.V.E. gallery show for the first time in public. The show will remain on view through July 6, 2014.

CAVE Gallery
VinZ – Battle in Hell

VinZ new body of work

Resistencia body of work continues the path set by VinZ Feel Free project, a street art project that renders thematics related to civil freedom oppression through large pasted collages in urban environments. This series of artwork celebrated the Resistance, a protesting tactic, where humans do not accept the imposed, and proverbially unfair, governmental rules, even when threatened to be severely punished by law enforcement or other societal instruments of order.

The artwork presented will encompass directed photographs made by VinZ, depicting nude figures in unexpected situations. Those are scenes mirroring a strong message about self-empowerment and individual liberty. Contextualizing the work, the artist printed these photos into his recognizable mixed media collage pieces, composing openly suggestive and defiant iconography, where his bird and human hybrids lead the story, while visuals display great influence of ancient religious art and mythology.

CAVE Gallery
VinZ – Fighting for a dream, Off Bricklane, Shoreditch, London

Symbolism of the Resistance

Reptile is the symbol of evil power in VinZ’s work, a composing element taken from the Mayan, Aztec or Sumerian art. They have the control and oppress the people through brutal means. Recurring frogs are there to warn the humans of the coming Apocalypse, while the fact they are dressed in suits reflects the same idea of authority employed with reptiles. Fish, on the other hand, are symbols of consumerism, greed and vanity, the three of the perhaps most common flaws of humankind.

As his iconography evolves through time, VinZ keeps introducing novel characters. This time it is the Bull, the symbol of determination and fearlessness, outnumbered and fighting consistently against the odds. Birds, one of the most common elements of VinZ’s art, represent freedom, the key message of the artist’s work. Birds often have human bodies, they fight for equality, while their voices are being suppressed.

CAVE Gallery
VinZ, Liberation by nudism, Hackney Wick, London

Resistencia at C.A.V.E.

Resistencia exhibition includes 21 new and amazing mixed media works, with core message revolving around civil liberties, but their pictorial, visual quality conveys another message as well. It tells of the artist’s style and talent, presenting beautiful renderings of surreal creatures, bold composition and subtle palette with carefully orchestrated accents that serve the content. Each unique and we can freely say – beautiful, the VinZ works showcase his natural gift and sense for color, while layers of material and meaning overlap through provocative scenes and intriguing narratives.

Fine and subtle from one side, VinZ body of work actually discloses the harsh truth about the further evolution of humankind. We are developing into dual race made of those who dominate and the dominated. Any attempt to resist is muttered, but the artist proclaims fight for freedom, retaining the basic optimism. Resistencia is created to honor an ordinary man who stood up for his rights, and all of those who were born as heroes of the people.