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Weekly Highlights: August 31 - September 6

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September 7, 2015
Passionate about art, frequent visitor of exhibitions, Widewalls photography specialist and Editor-in-Chief.

The week behind us announced the beginning of the exhibition season we’ve all been waiting for. And it will not just be about the shows, but also art fairs and auctions, so make sure you stay tuned, as we’re ready to cover them all. In the meantime, we’re on call on a daily basis for the latest art news, and the one highlighting last week was – surprise! – Banksy, who is apparently walking among the artworks within his Dismaland. Why? He wants to see if the visitors of his eerie bemusement park are having.. err.. fun, or not so much so. Whoever is interested in seeing Banksy’s “twisted vision of Disneyland” now has twenty days left on the calendar, as the exhibition closes on September 27th.

The decision of the judge in Detroit to send Shepard Fairey to trial after he was charged with malicious destruction of property made us wonder why so many people think graffiti is vandalism, so we tried to elaborate on the subject. Speaking of graffiti, we also proposed some cool graffiti fonts, as one of the best ways for young writers to start their artistic careers and be creative. Through these two articles, we brought back some historic moments in history of street art that are always worth mentioning again. We also talked about the art of Alex Kanevsky and his upcoming exhibition at Dolby Chadwick Gallery in San Francisco, and the latest book in Taschen’s The Big Book Of… series, exploring this quite popular part of the human body, as part of our Provoke! (NSFW) section.

The best of last week is ahead of you. Just scroll down.

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Graffiti - Art or Vandalism ?

”Is it art?” A question sometimes said and heard in museums, galleries, movie theatres, concert arenas, any place of creation. One such place is also the street, where the spectators often seem to wonder: “Is graffiti art or vandalism ?” If we take into consideration that graffiti have been around since prehistoric times, it sounds as if this debate is all too hoary; however, we shall look at graffiti as the phenomenon of a much more recent period, and in that context, the debate is only about fifty years old. As a response to modernism and social segregation, graffiti became the means of communication and identity for young people in New York City in the 1970s. The famous story of the NYC subway graffiti culture and the almost two-decade long struggle of the authorities to eradicate tagging represent the starting point of the conversation, a hot topic of the art world even today.

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Alex Kanevsky in San Francisco

Alex Kanevsky creates fragmented imagery that portrays people, objects and landscapes endowed with a sense of mystery. His subjects are interrupted by the elements of the environment such as vegetation, sky and waves, that twirl in constant motion. Swift brushstrokes are moving his forms around the background, while simultaneously opening them up to allow colors, shapes and gestures to pass through the cracks. It is this wild alchemy of movement that lets these paintings attain their powerful impact. Bodies of Alex Kanevsky’s subjects multiply, appear and then disappear in his intense, saturated compositions that seem so lively they practically pulsate.

More on the exhibition in Alex Kanevsky Exhibition at Dolby Chadwick Gallery – Research of the Unstable Equilibrium

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Taschen’s The Big Butt Book

A book entitled The Big Butt Book is the fourth in a series of Taschen books (Taschen art books, to be more precise) celebrating the human form in all its glory. Of course, this is not the first Taschen book profiling some of the highest-profile examples of erotica; however, this one is indeed overloaded with archival images from throughout the history of erotic art and nudie mags. As the title of the book indicates, it is about images of naked women with big butts (previous editions include The Big Book of Breasts, The Big Book of Legs, and The Big Penis Book). What makes The Big Butt Book so special (except of big female butts, of course)?

See for yourself in Do Taschen Books Abolish The Kitsch Behind the Omnipresent Bootie Trend With The Big Butt Book?

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Banksy in Dismaland, Undercover

Now that the whole hype and pomp around the (in)famous Dismaland is slowly dying out (at least a little bit), let’s put our retrospective goggles on and examine for a second why and what did this attention-grabber create. After many have doubted, and even openly denied the information that Dismaland is work of Banksy, or that it even actually exists, perhaps it is safe to say that the fans of this notorious artist were pretty convinced from the start it was a concept created by their favorite street art superstar. And now, as a perpetrator of a crime would come back to the scene of the crime, so does the Bristol’s bad boy come to his own Dismaland, incognito of course, but still giving you the opportunity to run into him playing the role of an unsuspecting bystander.

More on the story in Banksy Walks Among The Visitors of Dismaland Incognito in Order to Experience the Reactions

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Cool Graffiti Fonts for Young Writers

Even if you’re not an urban art lover of a graffiti fan, I’m sure that you’ve encountered many street pieces on the walls of the place you live in, wherever that might be. Some of you also probably noticed those cool graffiti fonts and maybe secretly wished you could do them too, and just as well. If that is the case, we’re here to remind you that creativity has no boundaries and that nothing is impossible. But before we go on and give you a few tips on how to become the next great graffiti artist by mastering your own lettering style, let us go back in time, to when it all started. Because the truth is that the whole graffiti culture kicked off back in the 1970s with a simple choice of one’s font.

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