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Weekly Highlights: June 8 - 14

  • Widewalls Weekly Highlights
  • Widewalls Weekly Highlights
  • Widewalls Weekly Highlights
  • Widewalls Weekly Highlights
  • Widewalls Weekly Highlights
June 15, 2015
Passionate about art, frequent visitor of exhibitions, Widewalls photography specialist and Editor-in-Chief.

We are officially in the middle of June, the month marked by one of the most important art fairs in the world – Art Basel in Basel. The Swiss city is definitely the place to be in the next days, as it will become the center of the art world with Volta, Design Miami and RHY Art Fair also happening there. We shall not, however, forget about the rest of the planet, and with so many exciting upcoming exhibitions, events and festivals, the summer already looks promising.

It is all these events that caught your attention in the past seven days. It doesn’t happen every day that street art appears on a world-famous travel landmark such as Pont des Arts in Paris, even if it’s only temporarily. Great exhibitions will open across the globe: underwater photographer Christy Lee Rogers is coming to Shanghai, some great artists and musicians will gather for an event in West Hollywood, Jana & Js, who were also our artists of the week, have a show coming in Dusseldorf, Germany, and Bristol will once again be the place where street art thrives, with over 250 urban creatives coming to UPFEST for three days in July.

Scroll down and enjoy the very best of last week.

  • Widewalls Weekly Highlights

Christy Lee Rogers in Shanghai

Known for creating her own worlds beyond aquatic surfaces, where human bodies merge with bodies of water in magnificent fashion, Christy Lee Rogers has been present on the contemporary photography scene for more than ten years. Her experimental underwater images portray the notions of humanity in a unique way, by immersing it into both physical and philosophical depths of matter and thoughts. Boldly referencing classical romanticism, Christy Lee Rogers’s art offers a contemporary view of the movement, soaked in distinctive dramatic lighting, recognizable compositions and an exquisite palette of colors that calls to mind the great works of masters like Caravaggio or Rubens. When looking at these works, one instantly gets the feeling of freedom, thriving in the poetic beauty of movements, visions and emotions.

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  • Widewalls Weekly Highlights

Swim 1 in LA

When a team of amazing artists decides to share their creativeness in order to produce something new, original and innovative, the final result of their collaboration can only be a true success. Some of the West Coast’s most renowned urban artists have been quite active in the last couple of months – we are talking about Yarrow Slaps and Auguste Somers. When Yarrow launched a clothing brand called SWIM, the primary idea of the brand was to specialize only in apparel. However, the team that constitutes the SWIMinitiative eventually began to specialize in curating, art and music as well in addition to clothing. This team is organizing a groundbreaking event called Swim 1, which will bring together some amazing artists and musicians. This art event is curated by Yarrow Slaps and Auguste Somers.

See the details in Swim 1: An Urban Art Team

  • Widewalls Weekly Highlights

Upfest in Bristol

With over 250 artists selected from 642 applications to paint live through the weekend on the walls over Bedminster in Bristol, Upfest is considered to be the Europe’s largest live street art festival. World class painters and illustrators from over 20 countries, the biggest line up of artists so far will paint over 2700 square meters, but that’s not all, because Upfest 2015 is expecting 25,000 visitors and has thus prepared a rich program to accompany the event: music events, workshops for children, art sales and charity program. One of the highlights of this year’s Upfest edition will be the launching of the newly refurbished gallery space which will also be supplying the participants with 500 different colors in the new shop.

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  • Widewalls Weekly Highlights

Jana & Js in Dusseldorf

Jana & Js are an Austrian-based art duo who works both in urban and in closed spaces. They are inspired by different urban surroundings – the city and its architecture is shaping their art expressions. But it’s not only about the objects; Jana & Js are inspired by the residents and the viewers, and by people who in general occupy certain urban settings. They spray urban landscapes, portraits and details of architectures with a play of reflections and transparencies.
In their paintings they work with situations in the habitat city. Since both Jana and Js are passionate about photography, this medium has a very important role in their process. Using a special stencil-technique, they work exclusively with their own photography. Finally, it is quite difficult to define Jana & Js’ style. They use different materials, and a wide range of media. Also, subject-matters in their works vary a lot. It may representation of urban architecture, but also portraits of photographed people.

More on the show in Jana & Js at Pretty Portal Gallery

  • Widewalls Weekly Highlights

Graffiti Replace Love Locks in Paris

Parisian gallerist Mehdi Ben Cheikh was invited by the city authorities to create a temporary exhibition of street art on Pont des Arts while over one million love locks were being removed from the bridge. The curator invited artist eL Seed, known for mixing Arabic calligraphy and graffiti, who used a quote from Balzac’s novel Le Pere Goriot saying “Paris is in truth an ocean: you can plumb it but you’ll never know its depths.” In a bold move, eL Seed painted the quote in Arabic, tackling the ongoing intolerance towards the Islamic community in France which got worse after the terrorist attack at Charlie Hebdo editorial team in January. EL Seed, born in the suburbs of Paris to Tunisian parents, is known for his decoration of the 47-metre high minaret on the Jara mosque in Gabes in southern Tunisia. Apart from eL Seed’s work, the temporary graffiti exhibition on Pont des Arts bridge in Paris also features the love-themed works of artists Brusk, Pantonio and Jace. The graffiti panels will be replaced by plexiglass later this year.

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