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Weekly Highlights: September 7 - 13

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September 14, 2015
Passionate about art, frequent visitor of exhibitions, Widewalls photography specialist and Editor-in-Chief.

Apart from the rich exhibition season that has already started at the world’s most prestigious galleries, but also those aiming to become such, we can also enjoy all the art fairs happening as we speak, with many more coming up in the upcoming weeks. One of the highlights right now is certainly Berlin Art Week, as Germany’s capital becomes a true hub for contemporary art lovers and collectors, but also Vienna, with its first ever viennacontemporary fair. Across the pond, Chile will host the Ch.ACO. This is only the beginning, so make sure you stay tuned, as we at Widewalls will be providing you with extensive announcements of the most interesting fairs in our Collectors’ Tip section. Speaking of exciting autumn, let’s not forget the upcoming auctions, as we predict their success. Again, and as always, we will offer you a detailed coverage of all the sales coming our way.

As for the events in the week behind us, there were some erotic paintings set in some clandestine environment, created by Prague-born Andrew Valko. You’ll guess, it is the latest addition to our very popular Provoke! (NSFW) section. Two very interesting exhibitions also caught your attention, one drawing attention to the AK-47 in an unusual way, and the other gathers the installations of two talented artists. You were also curious to know what happened to nine Andy Warhol silk-screens that simply vanished from the walls of a movie studio in Los Angeles. No one even knows WHEN it happened, let alone who did it. Finally, because we don’t remember a week in the past few months that didn’t mention Banksy, he is one of our highlights again, as the Daily Mail thinks they discovered his true identity. Again.

Scroll down and re-live last week in art.

Erotic Paintings of Andrew Valko

Erotic paintings of Andrew Valko aim to create a certain sensation of tension and anxiety. As the Prague-born artist said himself, he doesn’t want his art to be boring, he tries to input as much entertainment as possible. The subtle details he incorporates in the paintings just hint at a more complex backstory, giving the image a life of its own. The viewer doesn’t know what happened before that particular moment depicted in the piece, the past and future contexts are left to the spectators to deduce, form and create for themselves. The stunning detailed work and almost photographic technique of realistic paintings really make Valko’s art stand out and come alive. Touching upon subjects of using the Internet as a tool of communication and sexual relationships, we are once again left pondering where the fine line between erotic art and porn is…

See all images in Andrew Valko Erotic Paintings Conjure a World of Cam, TV and Clandestine Encounters in the Bedroom

  • banksy dismaland

Banksy, An Identity Saga

Yes, Banksy’s real identity was discovered! Again! What’s the story? Well, there isn’t one, as you are already aware of, but Daily Mail didn’t mind that. The British tabloid wrote that Banksy’s fans have spotted and photographed a man at Dismaland bemusement park in Weston-Super-Mare that bore a “striking resemblance” to the famous street artist and was “disguised” as a parking attendant. So, this guy was similar to Banksy, and Banksy is, of course, anonymous? Hm, something’s not right there. Using this logic, I might very well say that there is a striking resemblance between myself and Banksy, right? But wait, there is another catch. There is a photo of a man from 2004 that is kneeling down and has a spray can near him. That’s gotta be Banksy, right? Because, Banksy is a street artist, and he uses those spray cans all the time, and then, here is this guy with a spray can that may or may not belong to him… Just put two and two together, and, voila!

More on the story in People “Found” Banksy Again, This Time as a Dismaland Parking Attendant!

Also, be sure to check out Banksy’s work on our marketplace!

  • noah scalin exhibition
  • noah scalin exhibition

Anatomy of War by Noah Scalin in New York

Imagine that you are a creative individual, much more creative than the people you are surrounded by. You have the abilities to make something new, things than the world did not see yet, or to rearrange existing objects into something completely different, better, more efficient… What would you do? The only logic thing to do is to use your talents for improvement of everything you can, right? Now, let’s say that you are about to become a first class engineer – bright, innovative – but the war is approaching, and they recruit you to the army. Should you proceed improving everything around you? Because, if you are a military engineer, things you are about to improve are weapons, right? Mikhail Kalashnikov found himself in this kind of a situation. The result? He made the most popular riffle in the world, as it is estimated that there are almost 100 million AK-47 rifles in the world. And he also inspired Noah Scalin to create artworks that visitors of Krause Gallery in New York will see if they visit Anatomy of War exhibition.

Read more in Noah Scalin Sketches Out the Anatomy of War in New York Gallery

  • warhol jewish icons stolen news fakes movie replaced business angeles september

Andy Warhol’s Jewish Icons Stolen in LA

For three decades, the silk screens from the 1980 Ten Portraits of Jews of the 20th Century series were believed to be hanging from the walls of a Los Angeles movie editing company. Somewhere during that time, these Andy Warhol Jewish icons were stolen and replaced with convincing fakes. The owners, a family owning the studio, are still in a complete state of shock after the news as the Los Angeles Police Department set off an investigation to find the 9 prints valued at $350,000 in total. Six of these works belong to the Jews collection and are worth $150,000, while three come from a pricier 1983 series Endangered Species, featuring Siberian Tiger, Bald Eagle, and Bighorn Ram, estimated at $200,000.

Check out the details in Warhol Prints of Jewish Icons Stolen from a Movie Studio in LA !

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Luftwerk and Kate Joyce in Chicago

INsite ONview is the title of the exhibition that has just opened at Matthew Rachman Gallery in Chicago, Illinois. The visitors of the show will have an opportunity to see artworks by Luftwerk and Kate Joyce. The whole exhibition is based on the installation by Luftwerk entitled INsite, from 2014, and photography of the same installation by Kate Joyce. This amazing mixture of Luftwerk’s installation that examines the philosophy of architecture and space, and Joyce’s photography, will be on view at Matthew Rachman Gallery. All the visitors will be able to enjoy in a truly unique show of a dynamic installation, and its documentation, interpretation and representation.

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