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Werther Banfi Constructs Many Different Levels of Vision at Burning Giraffe Gallery

  • Werther Banfi exhibition
June 10, 2016
Gordana Sretenović. Teaching English and writing for a living. Obsessed with Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. Desires to travel the world and not have a permanent address. Occasionally writes poetry.

Burning Giraffe Art Gallery is delighted to present Double Sign, a Werther Banfi solo exhibition featuring two series of works, made with diametrically opposed techniques, but both carrying a dose of Banfi’s mastery. Usually, we hear that opposites attract, which can be a cliché for sure, but in the case of Werther Banfi exhibition, the viewers will be able to see just how much Banfi’s opposites attract and how they comprise intricate works of art. The simple themes of his works are probably what makes them stand out even more in the sea of complicated artworks, and what makes his creations be viewed as symbols, rather than depictions. Werther Banfi exhibition brings a whiff of fresh air and the artworks which speak to the viewer on the personal level, without unnecessary details or flashy descriptions of the work.

Werther Banfi exhibition
Left: Werther Banfi – Sfera 3, 2014 / Right: Werther Banfi – Sfera 7, 2014

The Spheres

The Spheres series features the paintings created with the use of the technique called pointillism. Using black markers on canvas, Werther Banfi created very detailed and minute depictions of black insects on a white background. These images become metaphysical through the mysterious presence of spheres in the vicinity of the insects, investigating the notions of nature, life, light, and the universe. No insect is too small to be irrelevant in this vast universe we call home, and no human is put on the Earth without a purpose, no matter how small it is. In a way, these pictures serve as the reminders of life we should lead, instead of lamenting over our tragic destinies. The simple, yet powerful effect of Banfi’s Spheres series was accomplished through the technique of pointillism, done strictly in greyscale, which allows the artist to play with light and shades of grey, creating various layers of vision.

Werther Banfi exhibition
Left: Werther Banfi – La scalata, 2016 / Right: Werther Banfi – Sfera, 2016

The Stains

The Stains series shown for the first time in this Werther Banfi exhibition is a complete opposite of the Spheres. It was executed in the frottage technique. The stains are completely unconditioned by the form. They become astonishingly evocative and they cavort with the viewer’s sense of perception by making him/her see the images as objects that are not actually there. This playful measuring of wits between the artist and the viewer is what makes the Werther Banfi exhibition exciting, as it allows the viewer to take an active part in the creation of the artwork, through his/her own interpretation of the image, which can be diametrically opposed to the vision of the artist. Banfi’s entire artistic research lies on the continuing alternation between the chance and meticulous reproduction. It is a never-ending shift from the impulsiveness to the preciseness.

Werther Banfi exhibition
Werther Banfi – Macchia 1, 2016

Werther Banfi Exhibition at Burning Giraffe Art Gallery

Double Sign will be on display at Burning Giraffe Art Gallery from June 16th to July 23rd, 2016. The opening reception is scheduled for Thursday, June 16th, from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM at the gallery space at Via Eusebio Bava 8/a in Turin, Italy. Werther Banfi’s works have been exhibited in a myriad of galleries and public spaces, including the Museo del 900 in Milan. In January 2016, Banfi participated at SetUp Art Fair in Bologna with Burning Giraffe Art Gallery, and he won the 43 degrees in Sardinia Prize – an artist residency at Studio Casa Falconieri in Cagliari in Sardinia.

All images courtesy of the gallery. Featured image: Werther Banfi SetUp