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Your weekly rewind: August 18 - 24

  • Graffiti
  • best documentary movie in the world 2010
  • Robert Mapplethorpe
August 25, 2014

Our Magazine highlights from last week have 4×10: 10 artists from France, 10 Street Art Movies, 10 Nudes and 10 expensive artworks. Also in our highlights: Arthur Maslard a.k.a. RATUR

10 Urban Artists From France

Regardless of the fact that French laws against the “degradation” of public property have been so strict that it was illegal to even wield a can of spray paint without obtaining prior permission from city officials, this country’s urban and street artists have been bravely creating their art since the 1960′s in such a way that it elevated the form beyond mere graffiti and inspired their fellow artists across the world. Today, as official policies towards street art are changing for the better, and as Paris has re-emerged as mecca for this art style in recent years, we take a closer look at some of the most talked about and highly influential contemporary French urban artists of distinctive aesthetics. READ MORE

10 Street Art Movies

As an ever-increasing number of street art based movies appear online, it is, if not impossible, then extremely time consuming to watch them all. Despite the divergent focuses and genres of each film, ranging from covering street art in one city to those which cover it on a more global scale, following is our list of ten most fascinating, both documentary and fictional movies, that represent the global street art movement and its impact on urban culture. So, if you have some spare time and want to see something highly entertaining, grab some drinks and a bucket of popcorn, lay back and enjoy the ten street art movies you need to watch. READ MORE

10 Nudes by Robert Mapplethorpe

Robert Mapplethorpe, whose work is still on show at Tate, remains one of the most famous photographers of the 80’s who stood out because of the way he rendered his predominantly black and white images, and even more so, for his provocative thematics, frequently involving overt nudity, sexually explicit moments, homoeroticism and S&M aesthetics. Some see him as famous, some as notorious because of what can be perceived as obscene imagery, but the truth is, Mapplethorpe was the conceiver of unique poetics, making the hidden and the tabooed accessible to the masses. At the peak of his career, he was beaten by AIDS, while his life evolution can be tracked through subtle hints of his self-portraits. The one above was made in 1975. READ MORE

10 Most Expensive Banksy Artworks

Not too long ago, there was a time when Banksy’s art would sit at art galleries unsold or sold for a few hundred dollars at best. But the times have changed dramatically over the last decade and there has been a series of record breaking sales of his works. The growing cult following of this elusive artist, and the mysteriousness shrouded around his identity makes his work to be incredibly sought after. With a loss of faith in complex investment vehicles, it appears that, as Damien Hirst once bluntly commented, “people would rather put their money into butterflies than banks”. In the following list we take a look at the ten most expensive pieces that have been sold at auctions throughout Banksy’s career. READ MORE

Becoming Lucid

French street artist and graphic designer, Arthur Maslard a.k.a. RATUR is putting the finishing touches on his new series of oil paintings on canvas that will be exhibited at 1AM Gallery in early September. The exhibition is titled “Becoming Lucid” and will showcase RATUR’s hyper realistic paintings with breathtaking accuracy in execution and detail. RATUR took after his father who was a graphic designer and photographer. He likes to work from photos. Each painting in “Becoming Lucid” is based off a computer-edited photo, usually of the artist himself. READ MORE