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Zio Ziegler and Pierre Roy-Camille Show in SF

  • Zio Ziegler and Pierre Roy-Camille Show in SF
  • Zio Ziegler and Pierre Roy-Camille Show in SF
March 7, 2015

In November 2014, a new gallery opened in San Francisco, the city that is slowly transforming into one of the main hubs of contemporary art scene in the United States. The name of this new fascinating exhibition space is Jules Maeght Gallery. This is not just another “regular” gallery that enriches the cultural and artistic scene of San Francisco. The history of the gallery itself is truly impressive, as it will be seen at the second show the gallery organizes in San Francisco. The duo exhibition of amazing artists Zio Ziegler and Pierre Roy-Camille and the works that will be shown are deeply connected with the historic background of Jules Maeght Gallery. The exhibition is entitled PAINTING IS THE PATTERN.

Zio Ziegler and Pierre Roy-Camille Show in SF
Install Weak at Jules Maeght Gallery

Jules Maeght Gallery

The duo exhibition of Zio Ziegler and Pierre Roy-Camille is the second show the gallery organizes since it opened its space in San Francisco. The original Gallery Maeght opened its doors in Paris, in 1945. From 1946 onwards, artists such as Braque, Calder and Giacometti, among many others, became part of the gallery. The gallery hosted shows such as Le Surréalisme, curated by André Breton and Marcel Duchamp that changed the course of exhibition-making. The Maeghts (founders of the gallery) eventually established a foundation, with an impressive collection that includes some of the most important oeuvres of European Modernists. Jules Maeght, the successor of the famous European collectors and gallerists, finally founded Jules Maeght Gallery in San Francisco. In conjugation with the PAINTING IS PATTERN duo exhibition, the gallery will release original limited edition lithographs. Each print has been created with an original matrix specifically for this exhibition, and is signed and numbered by Zio Ziegler and Pierre Roy-Camille. The editions have been printed by master print-makers in the ARTE-Maeght Studio in Paris on the same renowned 1904 press used for the historic collaborations with artists such as Joan Miró, Marc Chagall and many others.

Zio Ziegler and Pierre Roy-Camille Show in SF
Pierre Roy-Camille – Hills and Valleys XII (detail) [for illustrative purposes]

The Duo Exhibition: Zio Ziegler and Pierre Roy-Camille

For the duo exhibition PAINTING IS PATTERN, new works by two emerging artists – Zio Ziegler and Pierre Roy-Camille were commissioned. Both artists are known for their energetic relationship to canvas and paint, and for their street art and the interface in the worlds of fashion and technology. They are engaged in studio and street practice and create bold paintings and murals with different styles. The Paris-based artist Pierre Roy-Camille is inspired by Rap, Hip-Hop and graffiti of his generation, using improvisation, sampling and collage. The main subject matter of this young artist is the natural world which he transfers onto multiple surfaces such as walls, wood and canvas. Zio Ziegler is motivated and driven by comprehensive knowledge of art history and philosophy. His paintings and murals capture the velocity of the world around him as well as his global travels and experiences. Ziegler uses distinct palette of colors, with tribal and modernist motifs dominating his compositions.

Zio Ziegler and Pierre Roy-Camille Show in SF
Zio Ziegler

PAINTING IS PATTERN in Jules Maeght Gallery

The title for this duo exhibition comes from the Francis Bacon quote: “Painting is the pattern of the nervous system being projected on canvas”. Jules Maeght Gallery brings Zio Ziegler and Pierre Roy-Camille together for the first time in a show that will transform the gallery space with a dynamic exhibition of design, murals, wall drawings and site-specific paintings. The PAINTING IS PATTERN duo exhibition will be on view from March 7th until May 9th, in Jules Maeght Gallery, in San Francisco.

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Zio Ziegler and Pierre Roy-Camille Show in SF
Zio Ziegler – The Garden, 2010 (for illustrative purposes)

Featured Image: Zio Zieler

Images used for illustrative purposes only.