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Zosen's Installation at Fluorescent Smogg Barcelona

  • Fluorescent Smogg, Barcelona
  • Fluorescent Smogg, Barcelona
June 12, 2015
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The Tree of Life installation by the famous urban artist Zosen will be on display at Fluorescent Smogg gallery in Barcelona. Originally from Buenos Aires, Zosen was inspired by the Latin American art and the ancient pottery and ceramic tradition of Mexico. For the Fluorescent Smogg gallery exibition in Barcelona the multi-talented artist has created ceramics pieces and prints inspired by the ancient Árbol de la vida clay sculptures that have been a part of Latin American tradition for centuries. The The Tree of Life in Zosen’s interpretation is colorful and vivid and appears to be dancing to the rhythm of popular Latin American music genre of cumbia.

Fluorescent Smogg, Barcelona
Detail from a Print By Zosen, courtesy of Filipp Shamshin

The Tree of Life in the Mexican Tradition

The Tree of Life or Árbol de la vida in Spanish is a central theme of clay sculptures created in the municipality of Metepec in central Mexico. The 20 to 60 cm tall sculptures are made from clay fired in gas ovens on low temperature and can take up to two month to make. The Tree of Life sculptures have a religious background and usually depict motifs from the Bible such as Adam and Eve or Garden of Eden. Recently new, modern types of trees are being made that have no connection with religion whatsoever and have topics such as death or spring in its core. Inspired by the Latin American folklore Zosen had created his own The Tree of Life sculptures and prints by removing the religious symbols from them and adding his own mythology into the artworks. The Tree of Life in Zosen’s interpretation is colorful and vivid packed with frenzy motion and entertaining characters.

A Video of Zosen Crafting Prints and Masks for The Tree of Life Exhibition

Zosen at Fluorescent Smogg Barcelona

Zosen is one of the best Spanish urban artists and his colorful murals have been gracing the landscape of Barcelona for the past 25 years. Apart from his street artworks the multi-talented artist is known for making prints, illustration and performances and at The Tree of Life show Zosen will exhibit some of his hand made ceramics and prints. While commenting on cultural influence of Latin American legacy, Zosen creates artworks that represent individual reflection and life in the city and its interaction with nature. His prints are bursting with radiant colors and geometrical shapes are flooding the surfaces. The Tree of Life artworks revolve around life and death and subject of Zosen’s imaginary are ghosts and owl-like creatures while the hand crafted ceramic boxes hide the skeletons within. Unique approach to art makes Zosen imaginary full of life even when death is the central motif of the pieces.

Fluorescent Smogg, Barcelona
Zosen Working on his Ceramics Masks

The Tree of Life at Fluorescent Smogg gallery

The Tree of Life solo exhibition at Fluorescent Smogg gallery will open on June 11th. Zosen have taken the ancient Mexican tradition and added his own modern twist to it making ceramics and prints that will take the visitors on a psychedelic trip through the Latin American history. Limited edition of prints and clay masks will be issued for the occasion. It is evident that a lot of consideration was inserted into the artworks and all ceramics pieces are handmade and hand painted by the artist and all prints have been individually hand finished by the artist as well. The Tree of Life exhibition at Fluorescent Smogg gallery will close on July 2nd, 2015.

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Featured image: Print by Zosen

Slider image: Zosen wearing a clay mask, courtesy of Filipp Shamshin

Images and video courtesy of Fluorescent Smogg gallery and Zosen unless otherwise credited